With over 33 years experience as both a buyer and a provider of 3PL services, we are uniquely positioned to help you successfully compete in markets dominated by the largest trading partners and suppliers in the industry. Below are some of our major accomplishments in each of the five key service areas:

3PL Search & Selection | Managing Risk & Maximizing Value | Cold Chain Management
Specialty Supply Chain Services | Total Supply Chain Management


3PL Search & Selection

  • Led the 3PL search for a $250 million pharmaceutical organization that involved 30 branded products. Submitted RFP's to eight 3PL companies, evaluated responses, performed site audits, and recommended a final selection.
  • As general manager of CORD Logistics, authored over 50 requests for proposal and edited over 100 other RFP's. Developed sales strategy, pricing/costing models, flexible and responsive services, innovative web-accessible information systems, and an organization structure that won two thirds of all proposals where the client committed to use a 3PL partner. Specialized in making inter-3PL transfers a relatively risk-free, timely, and profitable business decision for over a dozen clients, including several successful re-implementations for mid-size clients with revenues ranging from $250 million to $750 million. Designed CORD's services to compete with those of the most successful pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations.
  • As vice president of materials management and distribution for a major pharmaceutical company, purchased 3PL services from three companies - Livingston Healthcare (acquired by United Parcel Service), DDN and Dallas Drug Distribution - over an eleven year period to supplement a company-owned distribution center located near Chicago. Organized and controlled a multi-distribution center network with 500,000 square feet of space, 150 direct and indirect employees, and over 1,000 daily shipments to wholesalers, hospitals, government depots and pharmacies.


Managing Risk & Maximizing Value

  • Hired as general manager to turn around an unprofitable and unsuccessful 3PL business model. Over a five year period, added over 30 new clients to an original base of five (5) by implementing best-in-class and cGMP compliant warehousing and distribution capabilities, invoicing, accounts receivable and chargeback services and information technologies that were favorably benchmarked against the most admired pharmaceutical companies. Acknowledged by several competitors as the best 3PL serving the market of emerging biotech / pharma companies.
  • Proposed and successfully managed the unique consolidation of commercialization operations - contract manufacturing, purchasing, production and inventory planning, distribution, customer service and accounts receivables / chargebacks - for a world-class pharmaceutical company that marketed 70 products. The consolidation resulted in a leaner, more responsive organization, and a reduction in the expense-to-sales ratio from 4.9% to 2.9% over a three year period, saving millions of dollars while throughput increased 15%.
  • Hired by the president of a leading generic company to address the problems caused by a dysfunctional distribution organization. Turned it around within nine months to be officially recognized by the firm's sales and marketing department as the most reliable, accurate and cost effective service group within the company.
  • Managed 50,000 square feet of corporate office space during a three year period of significant cost and square footage improvement. Subleased 60,000 square feet of underutilized warehouse space to generate $240,000 per year.


Cold Chain Management

  • Developed cold chain distribution solutions for ten clients, including six of the top ten biotechnology companies in the U.S. Grew to be one of the largest shippers of overnight freight in the mid-south. Partnered with several of the most experienced packaging companies specializing in the design and validation of packaging for temperature sensitive drug products.
  • Oversaw the design and implementation of systems, equipment and staff to support daily volume of 3,000 orders for next-day delivery of the leading rheumatoid arthritis drug. Often referred to as the 'gold standard' for direct-to-pharmacy services. 
  • Consulted with the largest biotech company to outsource its distribution requirements in a decade to design a dedicated facility with 35,000 square feet of validated cGMP space and 25-30 employees. Led a team of construction companies, suppliers, engineers and representatives of regulatory, risk management, and operations to create a highly efficient and compliant facility with capacity for handling thousands of temperature sensitive orders per day.


Specialty Supply Chain Services

  • Perfected a new product launch that "changed product launching plans forever," according to the vice president of trade for a major pharmaceutical company. Won awards for service excellence and cited many times by pharma clients as the best new product launch service in the industry.
  • Designed and implemented sales and marketing support services, including PDMA compliant sales representative sample distribution and direct-to-practitioner sample programs.
  • Partnered with two leading technology-based service providers to develop and implement highly effective and efficient HIPAA compliant patient assistance programs for 3PL clients.
  • Collaborated with the leading provider of recall and return goods management services to provide 3PL clients with the most responsive and compliant technologies and capabilities. 


Total Supply Chain Management

  • Led a 3PL company that worked with dozens of fast growth companies ranging from several million to a billion dollars in sales to design, implement and successfully manage complementary commercialization services that kept pace with every aspect of the client's development and expansion. At the same time, the 3PL company earned the reputation within the parent organization as the "company's best kept secret" based on strong customer relations, growth, earnings, and return on capital. Success of the business was built around understanding the client's needs as a manufacturer operating under GMP regulations while providing services valued by clients that mirrored the pharmaceutical industry's best practices.
  • Designed, staffed and championed implementation of custom solutions for a $200 million generic company that was experiencing serious irregularities with distribution, storage, accounts receivables, chargebacks, return goods and information reporting being managed by a competitor 3PL company. The transfer was implemented on-schedule, goals for service improvements and controls were exceeded, and the client realized very significant P&L and cash flow improvements. 
  • Active member of a major pharmaceutical company's New Product Planning Committee that oversaw the strategy, profitability, selection and development of new branded and generic products for a major pharmaceutical company. Sourced and contracted active product ingredients (API) from US, European and Asian suppliers. Participated in GMP audits of vendor facilities.
  • Managed contract manufacturing and packaging function that purchased millions of dollars of sterile and oral drug product from Baxter, SmithKline, Lederle, Fujisawa and other contract manufacturers.

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